This is a list of the songs we cover currently. We are always adding to this and happy to take on new requests.

Black Grape – Reverend Black Grape
Black Grape – Kellys Heroes
Doves – Black & White Town
Doves – There goes the fear
Doves – Pounding
Elbow – One Day like this??
Elbow – Grounds for Divorce
Elbow – Forget Myself
Inspiral Carpets – This is how it feels
Inspiral Carpets – Saturn 5
James – Sit down
James – Come Home
James – Laid
James – Sometimes
Joy Division – Love will tear us apart
New Order – Blue Monday
Noel Gallagher – Half a world away
Noel Gallagher – Y’Know we can’t go back
Noel Gallagher – If love is the law
Noel Gallagher & Chemical Brothers – Let forever be
Oasis – Wonderwall
Oasis – Don’t look back in anger
Oasis – Champagne Supernova
Oasis – Supersonic
Oasis – Live Forever
Oasis – Shes Electric
Oasis – Rock n Roll Star
Shed 7 – Chasing Rainbows
Shed 7 – Going for Gold
Stone Roses – Fools Gold
Stone Roses – Waterfall
Stone Roses – Resurrection
Stone Roses – Love Spreads
The Buzzcocks – Evere fallen in love?
The Charlatans – One To Another
The Charlatans – North Country Boy
The Charlatans – How High
The Charlatans – The only one I know
The Charlatans – Just When You’re thinking things over
The Charlatans – Then
The Courteeners – Not 19 Forever
The Happy Mondays – Step On
The Happy Mondays – Kinky Affro
The Mock Turtles – Can you dig it?
The Smiths – This Charming Man
The Smiths – How Soon is Now
The Smiths – What Difference does it make?
The Smiths – Ask
The Smiths – Panic
The Smiths – Hand In Glove
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